17 Pregnancy symptoms Check the symptoms that you are pregnant

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Pregnancy  generally lasts about 9 months, initially 1-2 weeks or pregnant in the first month There are several signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Common ones include missed periods, nausea, vomiting, frequent urination, headaches and fatigue. Some women may experience other symptoms such as mood changes, breast tenderness and a sensitivity to smell. If you have these symptoms, are you pregnant yet? Let’s observe ourselves that we are pregnant or not. ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.com/

in general A woman will know she is pregnant when she has symptoms. Beginning 1-2 weeks after fertilization But some people may not have any symptoms at all until the gestational age reaches 6 weeks or more. Today we gathered the preliminary pregnancy symptoms  in the initial period of 1-2 weeks to share with all mothers.

Pregnancy Symptoms If you have any of these symptoms, you are definitely pregnant.

1. Lack of menstruation

Normally, women will have their periods in 21-35 days and will come at the same time every month. For people with normal menstruation, if the menstruation that used to be normal is missing. Waited and waited for a while. Shows that you may be pregnant. because after fertilization Menstruation is missing. It is advisable to buy a pregnancy test machine to check.

2. have more vaginal discharge

This is because hormones begin to change during pregnancy. thus causing the secretion of various substances Including more vaginal discharge Therefore, when there is more vaginal discharge Pregnant mothers must take good care of cleanliness. Must be washed and dried thoroughly every time. But you don’t have to use any hidden cleaning solution. because it may go to sterilize well That can help prevent bad germs. And most importantly douching the vagina is strictly prohibited.

3. easily tired, shortness of breath

Because the growing embryo in the mother’s womb needs oxygen from the mother. As a result, mothers have shortness of breath and feel tired easily. Especially when the fetus is growing even more. The more pressure is put on the mother’s lungs and diaphragm.

4. Have symptoms of breast tenderness

during the first 1-2 weeks of pregnancy New mothers may have breast tenderness. which is similar to when menstruating And you can notice that the breasts are larger, feel heavier, and the nipples are darker than before. And the skin of the breast is so thin that the veins are very prominent. But breast tenderness may lessen after about 3 months of pregnancy.

5. feeling tired easily

Pregnancy in the first trimester will make the mother feel tired easily. along with symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion However, this type of pregnancy symptoms will improve as the pregnancy progresses into the second trimester.

6. Onset of nausea, vomiting, or morning sickness

Normally, when the gestational age enters the 6th week, expectant mothers begin to experience nausea and vomiting. This condition will improve as the pregnancy enters the second trimester. But in some cases, you will find such pregnancy symptoms since the menstrual cycle disappears.

7. frequent urination

Because the body during pregnancy produces more fluid than before. and more blood flowing That resulted in the expectant mother having frequent urination pain.

8. May have a headache from time to time.

Headaches are one of the symptoms of pregnancy that can be considered an early sign of pregnancy. in which hormones are changed As for medication, mothers should always consult a doctor first.

9. starting to have back pain

Back pain is a pregnancy symptom that can occur throughout pregnancy. because the mother’s body weight increased Including the center of balance of the mother has changed from the original. As a result, standing, sitting or walking changes as well.

10. Abdominal cramps

During pregnancy, the mother will have cramps in the abdomen similar to those during menstrual cramps. and if there is pain It is possible that it is caused by the enlargement of the uterus.

11. Beginning in the first period, there will be a craving for sour food.

A mother’s appetite will begin to change at the onset of pregnancy. Most of them will want sour food. and is often nauseous when smelling fish

12. have constipation

The hormone progesterone increases during pregnancy. affects the digestive system This causes food to digest more slowly and more gas in the stomach. It can also cause constipation.

13. easily upset easily irritated

Expectant mothers experience mood swings and tend to get upset easily. due to changes in hormonal levels Including the body trying to adjust to a new balance

14. high body temperature

Mother’s body will have a high temperature. and feel hot easily Because the body changes and uses more energy.

15 are more sensitive to smells than before

Pregnancy will result in the mother being more sensitive to smell. Regardless of whether the smell is fragrant or unpleasant smell.

16. Fainting and dizziness easily

Blood sugar or blood pressure will drop during pregnancy. That makes the mother easily dizzy and dizzy. Advise mothers to keep drinking enough water. It will help alleviate such symptoms well.

17. There may be spotty bleeding.

in the early stages of pregnancy The mother will have spotty bleeding without abdominal pain at all. Mothers should observe the symptoms carefully. If the bleeding does not stop, you should see a doctor immediately.

All 17 symptoms of pregnancy  that we have brought to share with all mothers. May occur with each mother with different symptoms. The most important thing is Paying attention to each symptom Including eating useful food To keep the body healthy while pregnant is always strong. Therefore, we have food recommendations for mothers. at the beginning of pregnancy What should I eat?