9 ways to nourish and care for your nails to be beautiful

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Many girls have probably encountered problems when picking up things. Or take a photo and post it on social media and feel insecure. Because your damn nails are what make you feel awkward. Until sometimes you have to find filters or stickers to put on the picture you want to post. Having said that, “nails” are one of the beauty problems. Including health problems that many girls feel worried about. Whether it’s the problem of nails that tear easily, ingrown nails, thin nails, or even nails that fall off because of a lack of regular spa visits to nourish your nails.

But today these basic problems will be gone. Because Watson will take everyone to explore the world of how to take care of your nails to look healthy, beautiful, and more attractive than before. Who wants to know how to take care of your nails to be beautiful? How do they do it? You can follow us this way.

1. Moisturize your nails regularly.

 There are quite a few girls who have to work in an office. Until it causes the nails and hands to lack moisture. Therefore, what can help solve these problems is Applying hand cream regularly Including various lotions that have moisturizing properties. For this matter, it can be considered as important as showering, washing your face, and applying cream to nourish various spots. Which if our nails are well pampered Just like the rest of the body. Our nails will look beautiful and healthy. Whatever you grab, it looks attractive. And we will be more confident. As for nourishing your nails with this method, โปรโมชั่น ufabet there are simple steps: squeeze the cream onto your palm and smooth it over your wrist. Then focus on the cuticle area because it is the part that is most prone to dryness. Try to do it at least 3 – 4 times a day or if anyone has time. You can also massage along your knuckles to reduce fatigue from working. Just the first point tells more than just how to take care of your nails to be beautiful.

2. Stop biting your nails and cuticles.

  It is considered a basic way to take care of your nails to be beautiful because there are quite a few girls who feel free, can’t think of a job, or feel oily when their nails grow back. You have to gnaw and bite to feel satisfied. or express what is in your heart through this method Let me tell you that you must stop doing it immediately. Because it will cause the nails to tear easily. The more people with thin nails, the more they must be restrained. But if today anyone who is unintentional has done it. It’s easy to fix and nourish your nails. Just soak your hands in warm water for about 10 minutes, then apply with hand cream or lotion. Concentrate on the area where you just clenched or bitten your teeth. Just like this, the parts that are worn out will become beautiful again.

3. Drink water regularly.

  Have you ever noticed that women’s unattractive nails mostly come from a lack of enough water for the body? Therefore, adding water is a way to take care of your nails to be beautiful that you can’t miss. It’s easy to do and can be done every day. By nourishing your nails by drinking water. If you want to get used to it You should start by setting the time, such as every 2 hours. The water you drink can be both warm water. room temperature water Or you can make a symbol to divide the eating limit. So that the body has a consistent water level. In addition, drinking water frequently also improves skin and excretion.

4. Change your shampoo or conditioner.

Don’t be alarmed or think that I’m bipolar and talking about hair, because actually washing your hair is one of the causes of your nails losing their good health. Every time we wash our hair, the chemicals in shampoo and conditioner may pull oil from our hair and nails. Therefore, when we feel that our nails are weakening, try using a nail care method by changing shampoo to a formula that is made. from nature or baby shampoo After that, try to notice whether our nails look more beautiful and healthy.

In addition, there is another way to take care of your nails to make them beautiful. While washing your hair, you should not scratch or rub too hard because it will cause your nails to break, become brittle, and have an unattractive shape. Including thin hair, when colliding with nails hard, it can also cut the nail and cause the nail to break.

5. Choose foods that nourish your nails.

Another way to take care of your nails to be beautiful and lively is to do. Choosing to eat nutritious foods which is considered to nourish the nails from within To be beautiful and clear to the outside that can see real results and should be practiced regularly The food that can be eaten easily includes brown rice. rich in folate Helps prevent the problem of cloudy, not bright nails. Enhance iron power from egg yolks, spinach, fish, and liver to reduce rough nail skin. not smooth Nourish your nails so they don’t become brittle or peeling with the benefits of fatty acids. Which comes from salmon, tuna, flaxseed oil. Including avocado and almonds

It’s also a good idea to prevent and treat flowery nails with foods rich in zinc, such as garlic, bulbs. Whole grains And another way to take care of your nails to be beautiful is from food that you must not miss. Keratin supplementation to strengthen nails Reduce brittleness or break easily from hard impacts with legumes, etc.

6. Make a spa using homemade recipes.

Spa treatment is another way to take care of your nails to be beautiful that any woman can do. But many people don’t want to waste money. Or want to save money for shopping? Try nourishing your nails yourself at home simply by bringing pineapple juice. Or lemon juice mixed with egg whites in equal amounts. Then massage the nails for 3- 5 minutes, leave until dry before rinsing off with warm water. Just this will help relieve stress and enhance the health of your nails to become strong again.

7. Take vitamin supplements

Some people feel that eating may not be the answer to their nail care needs. Or is it a difficult way to take care of your nails to be beautiful? Because some foods cannot be tolerated. Try using vitamin supplements or dietary supplements , which are available at Watsons stores. mall and drugstores Especially eating omega 3, vitamin C, biotin, including zinc, zinc, just eat regularly. Especially during an empty stomach or before bedtime so that the body can fully absorb it That’s all, your nails will come back beautiful and healthy in no time.

8. Use toothpaste to remove stains.

You’re shocked again, aren’t you? It’s your hair, your teeth. In fact, toothpaste, especially with a whitening formula, is considered another help in nourishing your nails. And it’s a way to take care of your nails to be beautiful that you should try. Think about it, toothpaste can make our teeth white. Our nails can be done too. Simply brush toothpaste onto your nails. (Separate the brush from the part that brushes your teeth.) Scrub the entire nail area, between the nails and the cuticles. This will make your nails beautiful, clear, and spotless. Importantly, it also makes you more confident in cleanliness.

9. Avoid direct contact with chemicals.

In addition to washing your hair Activities that put nails in direct contact with chemicals include washing dishes, laundry, scrubbing the bathroom, etc. Therefore, we must nourish our nails by avoiding chemicals that must directly clash with our nails by wearing gloves. Girls who have to play the role of Khun Jaew recommend using this method every time. And after completing the mission, wash your hands with mild soap and pat dry with a towel. Then nourish with oil or cream immediately.