How to eat to provide nutrients to the child for mother is pregnant

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During the time when the mother is pregnant, she usually has a lot of intention and care in eating. so that the food that is eaten can best be delivered to the baby in the womb For expectant mothers who do not know that while pregnant How should I eat? therefore being able to deliver nutrients directly to the baby as much as possible Today we have included 5 ways to eat food for pregnant mothers to share with you.

1. Eat protein foods

Initially, mothers choose to eat protein foods. Be it meat, milk, eggs or different types of nuts. This group of foods are protein foods that play an important role in promoting body growth. It is also a food group that is very suitable for pregnant mothers as well. Because protein helps repair and restore the worn out parts of the mother’s body. And helps in the growth of the baby in the womb as well. ทางเข้า ufabet

2. Eat calcium and iron foods.

Eating calcium and iron foods It is a way of eating food for pregnant mothers that makes it possible to feed the baby as well. The iron is a nutrient that helps build blood cells for the baby. Calcium helps build bones and teeth for babies. It is considered both types of nutrients that the baby in the womb receives in full.

3. Eat food from all 5 food groups 

Eating food from all 5 food groups is a way to eat food for pregnant mothers that should not be overlooked. due to eating a variety of foods It will help increase the weight of the fetus as well. It also prevents pregnant mothers from receiving the same nutrients over and over again for a long time. Because when a pregnant mother receives the same nutrients too often May result in the baby being allergic to that type of food.

4. Eating into several small meals.

Dividing food into several small meals also contributes to good nutritional support during pregnancy as well. Because this method is very suitable for the physical health of the expectant mother. because when pregnant The mother’s stomach and intestines will be squeezed by the baby. thus making it possible to eat less food because of distension Therefore, it should be changed to eat the same amount of food as a normal meal. but share it into small meals It will help reduce distension and bloating in mothers as well.

5. Reduce the consumption of starchy and sugary foods.

During pregnancy, mothers should reduce their intake of starchy and sugary foods. In addition, do not double the amount of food intake for the fetus. Because it may have a negative effect on making the baby obese. And it also risks causing the mother to develop gestational diabetes as well.For expectant mothers who want to eat food so that the baby in the womb receives the most nutrients. I recommend you to try these 5 methods. It is believed that it will help the mother to eat happily and ensure the safety of her unborn child.