Know the condition of “eating because of stress”, its causes and possible dangers.

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Have you ever wondered why when you feel bored or lonely or sad or sometimes just bored? To make us feel like we want more food than before. I want to find something to put in my mouth to chew. To fill that empty feeling And if you try to observe carefully You will find that the food you put in your mouth and chew does not seem to have much benefit to the body. Most of them will be snacks. Or they drink soda or sweet water and claim that they feel their blood sugar drops. You have to refresh yourself.

This state of indulging in emotions is called Emotional Eating. Many people have probably felt or know very well that this kind of emotional desire to eat is difficult to stop. Or sometimes it can get to the point where you can’t stop at all. No matter how much you eat, you won’t be full. Even though I’m full, I feel like it’s not enough. I still want to keep eating. But then why doesn’t the body just give up? The more bored, lonely, and depressed we are, the more we eat. Tonkit360 has an explanation.

We already know that eating a lot Especially those that are not healthy. It doesn’t have those nutritional values. It makes you fat very easily. This obesity condition also increases the risk of suffering from various diseases. Many people feel guilty about putting this and that into their stomachs. But the guilt couldn’t compete with the feeling of wanting. ทางเข้า ufabet

When we feel bored Why do we keep eating?

Scientific principles describe this as emotional emptiness. or negative feelings Where humans have no other way to fill the void. Because the mood during that time is what we call “Not in the mood”, not wanting to do anything Feeling sluggish and sluggish Eating food is therefore a way to fill the void and temporarily create the feeling that we are “full”. In fact, when we are “full” we may not even realize that we are full or emotionally full. I only know that it makes me happier.

In fact, human emotional eating has been around since the cave era. according to human evolution When humans are stressed or their mental state is abnormal from before. (Which at that time was often a matter of dangerous conditions in nature, such as lack of food or being hunted) The instinct to recognize those dangers Emotions cause the body to feel like it needs energy to survive. Therefore, it is not possible to eat anything. But the images of food in my head are almost all foods that are high in energy.

When the stress begins to ease Energy exhausted from escaping to survive It causes the body to have a reaction to stock up this kind of energy for use again in case disaster strikes in the future so that it will have the strength to survive.

But when it comes to the present On the day when humans didn’t have to hunt animals. You don’t have to live in a cave. Know how to live together socially. These social factors also play a role in our mental state instead of feeling insecure. When you sense danger Stress levels will be higher. There are all sorts of feelings flowing in, such as boredom, tiredness (mind), loneliness, sadness, depression. The body tends to need food that is relatively high in energy to compensate.