Even though direction wards Liverpool. it was quite clear

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Even though the direction tilted towards Liverpool it was quite clear before the game.

But it would difficult for anyone to predict that Liverpool would “suppress” Chelsea in today’s actual game. According to ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app

Far superior to many And can also break in without waiting too long. With the moment of breaking through Thiago Silva – Benoit Badiachil to Diogo Jota ‘s stubbornness to check the bill past Jorje Petrovic in the 23rd minute.

Chelsea’s defense had a serious headache dealing with the Reds’ offensive power, especially Darwin Nuñez , who couldn’t catch them in time. it’s good that the Uruguayan striker I didn’t carry a razor to the field, so I was “sharpless” as usual.

Half an hour had passed with Liverpool creating a total of 12 chances to finish on target, 5 on target, while Chelsea still had 0 both shooting opportunities and shots on target.

Minute 39 was the “Bradley Show” in the split second Ben Chilwell ran into Jota until he fell, leaving the left-back wide open as a field. Then Connor Bradley, the 20-year-old right-back, was finished. Snatched forward and shot it beautifully into the post to make it 2-0.

At the end of the first half, Chelsea created their first shot opportunity from Enzo Fernandez ‘s effortless effort into Alisson Becker’s hand, which happened after Liverpool’s penalty on Darwin Nuñez. Press hard to hit the pole completely.

Equal to even though they didn’t get 3-0, Liverpool were already “on the podium” as winners. After the first 45 minutes with superiority in every form. The numbers can be interpreted as follows:

  • Ball possession – Liverpool 54 : 46%

    Shot chance – Liverpool 15 : 1

    Shots on target – Liverpool 6 : 1

    Corner kick – Liverpool 4 : 0

Darwin Nuñez

1. Greeted for the first time with a shot in the 6th minute that missed Jorje Petrovic’s hand.

2. Came through and scored in the 8th minute, touching the tip of Petrovic’s hand, missing the top crossbar and out behind

3. Long shot at 14. Press. Goes off the post by himself

4. Soars and blocks the defender in the 15th minute.

5. Goes solo and goes for a half volley with his left, still saves Petrovic, hits the back post.

6. Floats and hits in the air, crosses out.

7. Injury penalty. first half Press hard against the post.

8. At the beginning of the second half, press with the right hand in front of the penalty area. Caught blocking the defender

9. Full strike, straight into Petrovic’s hands. 61 minutes.

10. Minutes 76. Throw in and head. The ball flew into the top crossbar passionately.

11. Minutes 84 Pressed with the left outside the area and did not pass through Petrovic’s hands.

Summary of this game, the Uruguayan striker increased his total shooting opportunities by 11 times and set a record for hitting the post and crossbar 4 times in the same game (with 1 assist for Luis Diaz to charge the second post in the 79th minute )